Hi! The name is Mohamad Ikhwan Abdullah.
I'm an Application Developer focusing on
PHP and MySQL.

I'm passionate about delivering a robust and efficient tools
that helps my user meet their goals.

About Me

I'm a family man, living on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur with a loving wife and 2 cheerful daughters. Currently having fun involving in various projects at FrogAsia, where the fun ranges from Front-End projects to Back-End development. Grab my resume if you'd like, FOC. ;)


October 2012 - 2016 P\S\L Group (PeerHealth Malaysia sdn bhd)
Application Developer
Actively involves in developing web based tools for internal use, and responsible for code maintenance projects.
March 2009 - October 2012 Techsense Web sdn bhd
Web Developer / Web Designer
Involved directly in development team and responsible of maintaining the whole layout interface for www.barracudacms.com. Project is develop using PHP framework CodeIgniter and MySQL for the database platform.
Responsible of generating the design concept and being one of the assistant instructor in the class for www.kelasinternet.com.
Responsible of designing the interface and project development as well maintaining the project for www.jomgig.com.
Involves in site development using PHP and responsible for interface layout and design using HTML + CSS for www.hartanah.net.
August 2008 - February 2009 Techsense Solution sdn bhd
Project Engineer
Involved in Meteorological (weather) system using PERL, PHP and PostgreSQL. Project includes AWOS, and AWS.
April 2008 - August 2008 CallBiz, Sapura Marketing
Outbound Call
Assigned for an outbound call operator for Exxon Mobile under CallBiz, Sapura Marketing for four months. Being appointed for the program of Loyalty Program: Smiles card.

Skill Set







Web Development




In case you have a project that you'd like me to get involved with, or you want to have a casual chat about something, just drop a line.

A good old fashion email would be wonderful. You know where to find my email.